Our logo character, Green Foot, symbolizes our company's mission.  

We want to nudge, push, and inspire people take a green foot forward as a
completely normal  part of every day life.

It's true we all can't be
Al Gore, but it's just as true that we can all incorporate
small but meaningful green steps like turning off a light, driving slower, or taking
shorter showers as part of our daily routine.   

energy saving tips take is a little knowing and a little doing.

If you look closely at Green Foot, you'll see she has a healthy tree growing out
of her energy saving compact fluorescent bulb-brain, and her shapely body is
made from recycled cans and bottles inside an eco-friendly shopping bag.

Green Foot represents the routine green steps that we all have to make to
insure our health and the future well-being of our planet.  

Being green is everybody's job, so make
today a green foot forward day."