Turn down the heat:

Sure, it's cold, but turning up your thermostat on your heater is going to cost you a
bundle, and upset your stomach when the bill comes at the end of the month.

Turn off the air conditioning:

Your air conditioner isn't your friend.  It eats Kilowatts for breakfast, lunch, and  
dinner. Turn it up a few degrees and you'll thank yourself when the bill comes at      
the end of the month.  Never leave your air conditioner on when you leave the  
house.  It's like leaving your car engine on when you're at the movies.  

Check out smart meters.  They're only a few hundred dollars.  You can program them
from the car or office.  They make life simple.  And a good meter will pay for itself.

Here' s a few easy things to remember to save money when it's cold:
Close the doors in your home.  All the doors.  The bedroom doors, bathroom doors,
doors to the laundry room, living room, etc.  When you leave the doors open it takes
longer for your home to heat up and makes your furnace work overtime.  

Turn the heat down at night by a few degrees and put an extra blanket on the bed.  
Simple, yes, but most people don't do it because it's easier to dial up the heat.

Wear socks to bed.   Warm feet make it easier on your heart and will actually help you
sleep better and wakeup more refreshed.
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